BEACON CALL: November - Whiskey - Delta - Bravo
                        ANSWER: Delegate                      
AGC - 11 / LCC - 11
This page is for Lost Shipmates who we have lost touch with. Email me the Shipmate you are looking for with as much information you can. Name, Years on Board, Rate, Division in, Last home address or State.
I have used the following web sites to track down people.
www.military.com & www.switchboard.com

Looking for; Richard W. Benfield. Last known residents was Red Bluff. Ca. was on the Eldorado in
1955 through 1957   S-1 Div. He was a Barber.
Looking for; Bobby L. Scott BM3  
1955 through 1957 I believe he was from Arkansas. or Tennessee. 
Posted by Ed Creamer

Looking for Charles L. Staudenmaier (magpie tat).
Posted by Paul Tichenell

Looking for the following shipmates: William Landry SN, Terry Winkler, SN & Ed Parker, SN, 1st. Div.
Posted by Mark Gage

Looking for Thomas Coughlin (He was from N.Y.) Pretty sure he served aboard the USS Eldorado.
Posted by George Ducharme

Looking for Roy Campbell
Possible 2nd. Div. Living in Texas
Looking for Dennis McQuire
Looking for Joe Salazar
Posted by Bill Turley

Looking for David Coley SN
1962 - 1965   2nd. Div.
Posted by Del Kaisler

Looking for Alden ("Al") R. Wooton
1958 - 1961 Last rate known was a RM1 in OR Division
Posted by Jim Rock

Looking for Jimmie Kingston
1963 - 1964   M Div.
Posted by Buck Golden

Looking for Al Lawrence
1955 - 57 A Fellow ET
Posted by Owen Carlson