AGC - 11 / LCC - 11
BEACON CALL: November - Whiskey - Delta - Bravo
                        ANSWER: Delegate                      
Col. Halverson & Bud Ryan
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Mark Gage
    Robert { Turtle }  Coffell  >
<  David Drum
Vic Clickner
David Murdock
<  Bud Ryan
<  Roger Shelton
<   Brian Moon

Doc Boatman   >
<  Michael Burke
^ Joe Rodden ^
Richard Hunter
<  Steven Stoker
Bruce Liddle
^ Gary Conway ^
^ George Ducharme ^
Terry Tucker
Robert Sosnoski
      L - R:   
Keister, Sansibar,

L - R:
Kotar, Thompson,

Bill Inman  >
L - R: Keith Johnson w/ Brother Donald
Keith @ Donald's Grave Site
Donald Died @ The Invasion of Iwo Jima

Bill Turley

<   Del Kaisler

Michael Clements >
Johnny Walla
Mike Holder
Bill Cheatle
Richard Huff
LTjg. Alan Converse  >
Keister, Sansibar, Phillips
Kotar, Thompson, Slatter
Van Wagenen
Greg Coates
<  Hal Harding
Jim Rock
Charlie Armstrong
<  LTjg. Johnson, LT. Brown, Bos'um Adams, BM-1 Lambert
^ John Spellman ^
<  LTjg. Dave Clegg
Fred Deberry
Bruce Hill
Al Jordan
Phil Strawn
Mike Martinez
Ray Aviles
      L - R:   
SSGT. Fish, SGT. Patterson
L/CPL Tom Schlechty

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